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New Google Cloud Migration Center

  • 19 October 2022
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Simplify your migration, deployment, and modernization with the new Migration Center.
Learn more about Migration Center.


Migration Center brings all of Google Cloud’s planning, migration, and modernization tooling together in one centralized experience within the Google Cloud console with a unified data platform. Built on a new scalable, and extensible data foundation, Migration Center provides the connective tissue between user interfaces and APIs for Google Cloud or partner/ISV-provided discovery, analysis, planning, and migration tools.

Some key highlights of Migration Center include:
-Console-integrated, one-stop portal for all things migration and modernization
-Quick estimates for running your workloads in Google Cloud with minimal user input. These estimates will include right-sizing and the right mix of Google Cloud infrastructure and are built on editable assumptions from actual customer migrations
-Easier initiation of discovery and assessment with in-console reports for asset inventory, delivering insights and best path recommendations for migrating to VMs, containers, databases, dedicated hardware, and managed services
-Prescriptive guidance documentation based on best practices for migration planning and execution, distilled from real-world migrations done by Google Professional Services
-Migration execution launchpad for kickstarting your actual migrations with proven tools such as Migrate to Containers, the Database Migration Service, and Migrate to Virtual Machines — which recently introduced a preview of migrating from AWS as a source. 
-Common API surface for customers and partners to enable ecosystem integrations

1 reply

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This is great, thanks for posting @Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich !


@pallisery, @josecortezsv, @hthirukkumaran, @Cyrille D, @jjowett you were specializing in migrations one way or another. Do you have any experience with Migration Center that you would like to share? Recollections, opinions, thoughts, problems or anything else you could share with the community?