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Hello, I’m new to this community, I just wanna learn more about this community and also like know from where to see the questions of the people and the posts and other things, I also wanna know how to earn badges like @YasinQuareshy, and @Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich, Thankyou 

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Hello @Loka ! Welcome to C2C, The Google Cloud Customer Community! It’s great to have you with us! 

At C2C you can learn from the experts. We host Google Cloud experts, product managers (PM), developer advocates and other influencers that build and shape the future of Google Cloud. 

But first things first: Why not join the C2C Lounge and introduce yourself in there using this template? :)

It would be great for our members to know who you are and what you do and this will be a great way to create new connections! 

Also, we host events. Check out our future events and you can join any event that might be of interest to you!

Concerning badges: The more posts you do, the more replies you make, the more engagement you drive in this community, the more categories and groups you post into → the more badges you will earn! :) 


It’s good to have you onboard! What things would you like to learn from this community? 

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Welcome, Loka