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Should I start a VM?

  • 15 April 2023
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Hi I’m completely new to cloud computing so a bit out of my comfort zone. Ive got 500$ in credits but VM’s are so expensive! But I’m tired of running a mac M1 (worst purchase of my life), and my pi 400 just won’t cut it for Machine Learning.

I have several projects that I’d like to get on, most of them are ML/AI related, alot of them are simple landing pages to collect potential customer base. Some of them ar just personal projects requiring AI and some not (like a trading bot).

Can anyone guide me to a Where do I start flowchart or something. Or free tutorials other than the ones in GCP? Any advice other than this would be greatly appreciated also!

Thanks people!


3 replies

Hi, CartelFinance

This is one GCP Plateform .i will share you  link pls see the link below.

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@CartelFinance, let me tag @malamin to see if he can recommend you something :) 

Absolutely !!Apart from VM For most important for using cloud VMware !! 

           // This is VMware for  Cloud Purpose//

                   So flow the link ___below___