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Telecommunications companies and Google Cloud

  • 26 March 2021
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Don Tirsell (Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google Cloud) and Vivek Gupta (Director, Network AI and Telecom Partnerships, Google Cloud) are writting about “Four ways CSPs can harness data, automation, and AI to create business value

According to a new study by Analysys Mason, telecommunications data volumes are growing worldwide at 20% CAGR, and network data traffic is expected to reach 13 zettabytes (that's 21 zeros) by 2025!

You can see on the link what are 13 zettabytes equal to👉

To stay relevant as the industry evolves, communications service providers (CSPs) need to manage and monetize their data more effectively.

Here are four key data management and analytics challenges CSPs face, and how cloud solutions can help:

  • Reimagining the user experience means CSPs need to solve near-real-time data analytics challenges.
  • Driving CSP operational efficiencies requires streamlining fragmented and complex sets of tools.
  • Leveraging cloud and automation can help CSPs reduce cost and overhead as data volumes continue to rise.
  • Increasing customer lifetime value requires high quality and complete data for timely decision-making.

Download the complete Analysys Mason whitepaper, co-sponsored with Amdocs and Intel, to learn more.


1 reply

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