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Ukrainians can grow career with Google Cloud: ML and Data

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People will get 60 days of hands-on access to the entire Google Cloud Skills Boost learning platform, where they can complete hands-on tasks.

- 60-day free access to the Google Cloud platform
- badges to confirm your qualification and to add to your resume
- reward for earned badges
- free vouchers for Google Cloud certification

Program start date from 1st February to 1st April 2023 on Ukranian language.

Here is a list of labs:

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A great program, and a great opportunity!

Thanks for sharing it @Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich 😀

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Tagging some members from Ukraine who I think will be interested in getting to know about this initiative.

Please help us spread this message in your circles and social network.

@Alex Danilin 
@Lazy Lone Lion 


@Vitaliy Bashun 
@Mykola Zomchak 

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Thanks a lot @valdecir.carvalho, will share it on linkedin and facebook. 

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Awesome @lumaks 

Please refer people to C2C. Let's try to get more members into our community :) 

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Thank you @Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich for the post. Also, I shared your post into my linkedin wall.

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Thank you, @valdecir.carvalho for great idea.

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@malamin this was actually @ilias idea. I just executed it 🤣

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Thank you all!

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The power of community!

@Katsiaryna Vyshydkevich posted it

I had the idea but no time to execute it

@valdecir.carvalho tagged all our members

@lumaks is sharing it on Social Media


That's why I love my job!

Great job, everyone! 😀

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For that reason,  I want to lost into C2C, @ilias, Thank you so much for great idea.


Also, Thank you @valdecir.carvalho.