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Webinar video: Troubleshooting BigQuery with Dan Sullivan

  • 18 July 2022
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Speaker: Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan is a Principal Data Architect at 4 Mile Analytics. He is a software architect and data scientist with extensive experience in data science, machine learning, and cloud architecture. Dan is the author of the official Google Cloud study guides for the Professional Architect, Professional Data Engineer, and Associate Cloud Engineer certification exams as well as the instructor of over a dozen courses on machine learning, data science, and cloud computing on LinkedIn Learning and Udemy.



BigQuery is designed to scale to petabytes of data and efficiently retrieve that data using a full range of SQL queries but things do not always go as planned. Queries may take too long to execute or fail because of insufficient resources. Without an understanding of BigQuery architecture and how to find details about errors it can be difficult to troubleshoot errors. Review on how BigQuery allocates resources and discussion how to use execution details, logs, and information_schema data to analyze errors in BigQuery is in this presentation. Look into data modeling and ingestion best practices that can help minimize performance problems.

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