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Your First Google Certification

  • 17 March 2021
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Hello fellows!

I recently joined this group and already seeing a lot of value in such an independent and vibrant community of both learners and practitioners sharing their knowledge! In my intro post I had a few queries and I was directed here to get a more targeted audience who can help me.

I recently started doing courses in Qwiklabs and Coursera and did spend a fairly good amount of time. Professionally my work would tend to be more of designing and architecting but with fair share of high level coding too sometimes. My reason for learning GCP is to get a hold of skillsets required to do my job in a better way. I do not see an entry level, common certification for GCP, say like AWS Cloud Practitioner or Azure Fundamentals. So my shortlisted choices are Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) or Professional Cloud Architect (PCA). I think I would spend few more weeks on handson to exhaust my Qwiklab credits I bought before I intend to take the exam. My question to this group is, do you see value in ACE certification or it is better to do PCA directly? Based on the limited research I made so far PCA seems to be more easily valued and for my role I think it would be suitable. I know people who take all possible certifications but I am not on a certification treasure hunt and lovely as it would be I would be paying the costs for all these myself. So, I have to be prudent on what I put my money on. So, if you have any advice on this aspect please share! 

It would also be nice to know if there are people who went through the same dilemma and chose one over another. If so, do you regret your decision or would have done it differently in hindsight? 

Thank you for your time! I very much appreciate you taking time to read through so far!

6 replies

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What a great question! Thanks so much for sharing it here, I believe our community can rally and find an answer for you!

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Hi @Pnarayanan 

There are so many things to answer.

But first thing first. Why do you buy credits for Qwiklabs? You can always start following Qwiklabs on their social media accounts. They have competitions, quests, trivia… and they offer credits. Other times are just for a specific lab or for a Quest. Until the end of March, you can register here and start your challenge.

The other solution is to take part in Cloud Hero, I know that a little bird told you about it. We are going to host one at the end of April.

About certificates. Of course, you can start with the Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE). It's supposed to be the easiest. I wrote supposedly because I have not found easy exams. But it is easier compared to all the other 8.

Does the ACE have value? Yes, it does!
To me, value is two things.
First, to certify that I have the knowledge and to strengthen my self-confidence at the same time &
Second, to help me find a job.

Succeeding in ACE exams will do both.


Is it better to do PCA directly?
Why not? If you have worked, studied, prepared, and are ready to do it. The beauty with Google Cloud Certifications is that you do not need to first get the Associate and then go for the Architect and then to the Data Engineer and then... No, that is not the issue. What will you need for your project, for your company? Go for it.
In case you want to get prepared for the PCA here you can read my steps for it. 


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This would make for a great community conversation at a future meetup? The relevant merits, use cases, and market traction granted via GCP certifications...what do you guys think? 

This might be a good one to bring Dan Sullivan back in, perhaps Leslie Redd from Google’s learning team, and a few of our community members who have recently finished up their certifications or are actively mentoring folks who are certifying.  

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There is also Magda Jarry and Joanie (King) Norwood from Google

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Wow, thank you @ilias for your detailed answer. I think I get where you are coming from. I am more or less inclined to go for PCA directly but I think I would take some more time to improve my skills before doing so. 

As for the Qwiklabs credit, I think I made a mistake of not using the correct link or something like that and ended up needing to buy some credit. I did have some credits from Cloud Skills challenge though.

@JBranham That would be indeed valuable for not just this circle but a lot more candidates like me who can make better choice of certification!

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On it...perhaps we can host a call in advance of our cloud hero sessions for the community around certification journeys et al, you game for that @ilias, @Pnarayanan? If there are many others as you say, it would be great to help guide them at the front end of their journey and perhaps you will find a few friends to join you on your path as part of it.