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Build with Google Cloud - Introduction to Google Cloud Video

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In this video, Priyanka gives the complete overview of various Google Cloud services by designing a sample application. This is ideal for those who are new to Google Cloud and those who want to understand where a particular Google Cloud service fits into a sample application architecture. We cover a wide range of topics including compute, storage, AI/ML, data analytics, devOps, security, monitoring, and more! Watch to learn about the imaginary app and how you too could leverage Google Cloud services to start your next cloud project.


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Bonjour très très pratique  et facile a appliquer pour tire parti des données en temps réel .merci beaucoup pour cette séance 

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Good morning @BACHAR Acherif 

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Bonjour @BACHAR Acherif

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wow, this is amazingly well done, @alexandria.johnson ! So nice, so helpful, so detailed and easy to use! Thanks for posting this! 😎