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Hi Google Cloud Startups Community!

  • 7 January 2022
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Hey new friends, 

My name is Jae Spivey, I’m the Founder & CEO of On-Demand Photo & Video Capture Service App called Pickey. Think: Uber for content creation! We are in our private beta test period here in Austin, members at the Capital Factory, launching next month & excited to join the community! If anyone is in Austin or will be here for SXSW and wants to experience Pickey (get some new, free pics or vids you can share on social media) sign up to be a beta tester here https://pickey.io/ and feel free to shoot me a message or email if you have any questions about Pickey! Happy New Year, everyone! 


Jae Spivey


6 replies

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Hi @Jae !

Welcome to the community! It is wonderful that you are here with us.

I have checked your picket.io and it looks very promising. Can you tell us more about that? What Google Cloud technologies do you use?

Are you registered in our Lounge to introduce yourself to the community?

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Good luck with your launch, Jae! Love your idea and definitely see a need for it.

As a fellow Austinite, I am very glad to see that you are involved with Capital Factory and SXSW! Please let me know if you are interested in exploring how GCP can help you as you launch and scale. 

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@ilias Just joined the Lounge, excited to check it out! Pickey is essentially a gig economy app for Photographers & Videographers that Matches users who need content now, with someone ready to shoot now. We’re launching in Austin next month & looking forward to scaling in major cities throughout the year! We’re using Flutter with Firebase as our backend, and all of our communication and documents are within Google Suite, I’m a big fan of all things Google so I’m excited to share what we’re doing with other creators in the community. Cheers.

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@roshini Thanks for the support! We’re currently using Flutter/Firebase, Google Suite, and will be diving deeper into GCP’s ML & AI engines as we move forward, so I’ll definitely be knocking on your virtual door soon enough. If you make it to SXSW this year, let me know! There’s plenty happening in Austin that week & at Capital Factory specifically. :)

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Hi @Jae,

Flutter and Firebase is a great combination. In case you haven’t checked it, take a look at the official Firebase channel on YouTube. You will find a lot of great things. Especially take a look at this episode. It will help you turn off your billing.

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@ilias will definitely check this out, thanks for the recommendation!