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How long does it take for you to source your candidates?

  • 16 November 2023
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For the founders who have been dabbling into your first round of recruiting, how long does it take to finalize your first round of candidates to interview? 

3 replies

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4hours depending on responsibilities and due diligence, AI model does the rest.

  • Interview
  • onboarding
  • training
  • upskill
  • management
  • reporting
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Hey @PowerBridgeAI 

Tell us more about how you use AI to select and filter candidates

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At, our hiring approach emphasizes efficiency and optimization through the integration of AI from the onset of the recruitment process. Recognizing that continuous upskilling and training are crucial in reducing employee turnover, our AI initiatives enable prompt assessment and qualification of candidates' skills. Utilizing the AI Academy and Certification NFTs within our App, we swiftly align candidates with suitable job roles, facilitating quick automated onboarding and task assignments, often within a day of first contact. This AI-driven process not only matches candidates to roles that fit their current skill set but also considers their potential for future growth, thus creating a more productive and engaging work environment right from the start.