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Using BigQuery Data as source data for loading chart data

  • 12 January 2022
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Question on using BigQuery as a data source to load chart data into web app built with React JS, hosted on Firebase.


Currently, can export data from BQ into Data Studio and create chart. Chart can be used to create React component hosted at Firebase.  However - 

Would like to enable additional interactivity by allowing user select portions of chart data to export into server, as new inputs that interact with other React components.


Can export with Google Charts, and other chart programs (high charts, fusion charts, amCharts, ChartsJS, etc).

Have not found any documentation regarding the creation of data source using BigQuery for data loading into Google Charts…

If anyone has advice to enable this functionality, would greatly appreciate a nudge in the correct direction.

Thank you!


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Hi Brett,

I’m not too familiar with Google Charts, but I understand you can use csv files as a data source, is that correct?

If so, you’re able to export csv files with your data from BigQuery and ingest it into Google Charts. This could be scheduled to run as often as you’d like. 

You would need two pieces to make this work:

  1. Cloud Scheduler: Schedule how often your Cloud Function will be triggered.
  2. Cloud Functions: This function will export your BigQuery table(s) data as csv.

I understand this can be a lot of work just to get data on Google Charts, so as far as data visualization and business intelligence goes, Looker is our recommendation for you to get the most insights from your data. Read more about it here.