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Using Cloud Credit for Google Maps API

  • 18 August 2022
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Hi Everyone,

My startup has recently joined Google Cloud for Startup Program and has been approved with credits.

I noticed in our most recent invoices, that a payment has been made without deducting the credits, and therefore contact the Billing at Google Cloud.

I have been advised that the credit is allocated for Cloud usage, not for Maps API.

My question is that: does anyone know who to contact in Google to discuss and request the Maps API credits for startup? 

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1 reply

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Hi @eddyaturbern,

C2C is the Google Cloud Customer Community, our goal is to provide all Google Cloud customers with information, knowledge and networking on Google Cloud products which includes also Google Workspace.

Your question has nothing to do with Google Cloud, as Maps is not a Google Cloud product and I don’t know if you will find the answer to your question in this community.

I will therefore have to close this topic. Thank you for your kind understanding!