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  • 26 April 2021
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We still have a number of customers using Zoom Webinar to host and manage virtual presentations and webinars. What are others in the Google Workspace world doing in this area?


Hangout on Air was great if a little confusing to set up. Live Streaming a Google Meet is only for Enterprise & Edu customers, and these are for internally streamed events only, not external. YouTube Live streaming could be an option but it’s a bit messy. 

2 replies

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There is no excuse for the lack of this feature - especially considering how well Hangouts On Air worked. Google was first to the party with Hangout On Air, but now with out any adequate replacement for Google Meet, they are last. Not being able to broadcast or stream webinars using Google Meet to the public is the number one reason our clients also end up with Zoom subscriptions. 

I would like to see some options open up in this area also. As a partner and support provider, we often get this query coupled with the points @jimbokimbo has mentioned above. We’ve also been around long enough to remember Hangouts on Air too and feel there may be a gap here which customers are keen to see filled with a Workspace integrated product.

The closest we have right now is actually live streaming via YouTube. Like with Hangouts on Air @PaulRLees its a little tricky to set up but can do what you’re after. You’ll need a (telephone) verified channel and some other bits but if this is a regular for the org it might be worth getting it set up. You can create an ‘unlisted’ or ‘private’ stream to keep the audience slightly closed if needed for testing and things. Hoping this can help someone in the meantime until a Googler comments... Some documentation below:

Live stream on YouTube

Get started live streaming