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3rd-party apps for Workspace

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This is the first time I have read an article like this. Where Google Cloud is talking about third-party applications.

Has anyone used or still use any of these applications? @Fintan Murphy, @andy.yates @Kim.Nilsson @alan.muntadas 

All I knew and used was DocuSign.

@PaulRLees where is Patronum? 😉


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The entire GCC (googlecloudcommunity.com) is run on LumApps, IIRC, or was it the old CCC?

DocuSign I have been a signer several times, but never pushed one myself. Personally I have used the free feature built into Acrobat Reader! Two (2) free signatures per month.

I know of YAMM, as one of the most awesome Google Apps Scripts developers, Romain Vialard, is/was involved.

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That’s right. I do know LumApps.

Thanks, @Kim.Nilsson

I'm looking for the rest on the internet right now. 😉

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Sometimes I’m thinking - it’s amazing how many tools one can combine with Google Workspace! 😍

So many different solutions. Scalable, completely customizable - anything you need (and more!) is out there!

All one has to do is to learn the abilities and capabilities of GW

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I believe GCC was run on LumApps but it was recently moved to an internally developed platform. @stevelarsen knows more ;)


Thanks for the call our @ilias would be great if Google could recommend Patronum but we're doing amazing without them 🚀

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Seems like a very limited list. 2 mailing list managers, 2 document signing apps, and 2 telephony apps. 


There is much more out there than just that. I would have liked to see a single "top" in a couple of categories.


That actually may be a great survey of Google Admins. What tools do you use in a category? The put the list together as a real list in response to this list.

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Now that you mentioned it @PaulRLees, I think that GCC was going to use Khoros for their platform. Maybe @stevelarsen can verify it or inform us.

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After looking for the apps on the internet I found out that @Paulogier is right. 

Seems like a very limited list. 2 mailing list managers, 2 document signing apps, and 2 telephony apps. 

A survey for Google Admins? Great idea @Paulogier 👍🏻