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C2C Connect Morning Coffee = Life saver

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Every Thursday C2C Connect has the Workspace Morning Coffee and Chat.


I just wanted to say how I love these informal, talk about anything sessions. They have become a welcome break in the week where I can just turn up to a Google Meet and not have to “perform”.


If you’ve not attended one of these sessions you’re missing out on connecting on a more personal level with some amazing people. Give it a try. (You have to bring your own coffee).



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Great to hear you’re enjoying them Paul. We’re going to summarise each week in the main thread to keep the conversation going and for any follow up. I’m sure some things might warrant their own post from time to time. Here’s the summary from the latest session we had this week.





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Thanks for sharing, @PaulRLees. This is especially apropos given our May cross-topic theme of Mental Health. 


I’m glad you’re finding value from these and that yesterday’s session was a welcome respite from a long week. 

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Oh, @PaulRLees This makes me so happy! This was the entire purpose of wanting to spin these up and I’m so glad it’s resonating. I wanted a way for community members to connect with each other in a less structured way and for the content team to double-tap into relevant conversation topics and content ideas. Let’s keep it going!  Thank you @artmarco for suggesting the idea in our team brainstorm sessions. Thanks, @danny.pancratz, and @alex.maksymec for making this happen for our members with me!! 

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Thanks for sharing, Paul! Glad to hear it’s giving you some space. Think we all need breaks like this.

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Thank you for caring to do a summary @danny.pancratz @Content.Sabina! I missed yesterday due to long holidays. Conversations are always very important. 

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@Nina Trankova I'm glad you like the summary.  That was all @steve-c2c leading the charge there. But we’re ideating around a simple and light way to do that to promote the insights that come out of these when people can’t join. We have a couple ideas we might test over the next few weeks to see which is best. 

Thanks Paul and Steve, 


I was wondering if I could get invited to these meeting sessions, I’ve registered for one and was not accepted to the meeting itself, 


I would appreciate if I can be added as well.



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@Guibson Prieto, I’m sorry that was your experience. Not sure what happened here, but if you’re registered, you’re welcome to attend any time. 

Here’s the link to add the Thursday Workspace event to your calendar so you always have the Google Meet link and a reminder this is happening. For other connect sessions on other topics, just register for the event series and you’ll see the link to add it to your calendar. 

Please let us know if you’re not admitted to a future event. 

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Exact same for me, @PaulRLees. They’re my opportunity to catch my breath!

I love how casual, friendly and informal they are and I look forward to them every week.