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Cannot recover an account ( using my registered recovery phone number.

  • 6 August 2022
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I had an MotoG 5 setup with my gmail account. I sold the phone and got Samsung Note8 but forgot to update the gmail recovery (prior to getting a new phone) to add a secondary google authenticator on a different device. So now, if I do a recovery - when prompted to enter a code sent via a text to the registered phone number it accepts the code sent to the Samsung Note8 with the same (retained) phone number. Then when prompted for the google authenticator code - at this point I select try another way, then I was prompted to send a verification code to my recovery email which again I forgot the recovery email provided. I tried all the options by clicking on try another way but nothing works. I have been trying all the possible way to get back my account but am helpless. I need access to my email so bad and it's been years now since I last accessed it.

NOTE  :  I have applied for Visa and my bank account is tagged to email id - xxxxxxxx and I would be receiving the email notification to the mentioned email id - now I am unable to access it. I promise that I am the owner of this email id


Kindly do the needful. It is a humble request to help me in recovering the account
creating a new account is not a solution when I have all of my data are in this email id( Kindly help me in resolving this issue.

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Hello @nadiya,

Thank you for participating in C2C.
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Regarding your question. I'm a little bit confused about the context of the question iteration.


Is your phone number active? Yes-It’s should work.

Is your recovery email address active? Yes - It’s should work.

If all options are NO, I believe you will be unable to restore your email address.

Otherwise, someone from the community who is more familiar with your scenario will contact you.