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Disclosed recipients after inserting a label of emails in the BCC section of email

  • 26 April 2022
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Hello, guys, 


I have an issue after sending an Easter message to a mailing list formed using Google labels, in the Contact section of gmail. 

In spite of having added the emails by adding the name of the Label in the Bcc section of the email, the recipients have seen the other mail addresses introduced in Bcc, together with their own. Hence, all recipients have seen the huge email list. Why doesn’t Bcc work with labels? Is there anything I could do to avoid this in the future? 

Many thanks, 



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Hello @filothea and welcome to C2C! 


That’s a very good question. I haven’t tried it myself but it SHOULD work as expected. @chanelgreco , @dominikkugelmann , perhaps you can shed some light here? 


Also, @filothea , as you are new here, I should say “Welcome to C2C” and it’s great to have you with us! Please do not neglect to introduce yourself in the C2C Lounge using this template, it will be great to get to know you better and to get to meet others in this community as well :)



Hi, Dimitris! Thank you for such a nice welcome! 

I shall introduce myself shortly. I also look forward to your friends’ ideas - would be really helpful to sort this out before I need to send another holiday greeting. :)


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That’s great, @filothea ! I will also call @PaulRLees and @alan.muntadas to the rescue, in case they can also help!


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So, I was able to send out a message to email addresses using a label and it worked out as intended: the recipients were only able to see their own email address.


I dare to say: using labels to send out BCC messages isn’t the cause of the problem you encountered.


After doing some research it appears that BCC only works correctly if you use it in Gmail, either the smartphone app or the desktop version. If you use Gmail through email software like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc., it can go wrong.