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Drive Audit Log removed from Workspace Business Starter

  • 22 December 2021
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As a reseller we are currently preparing for the transition of the vast majority of our customers over to Google Workspace from G Suite. We have already completed a few this month and the process is smooth. However, I’ve just discovered that Google has removed the Drive Audit log from the Admin Panel for all customers switching to Workspace Business Starter. This seems innocuous until something happens where you really need to discover what has happened to an item in Drive - say a folder is lost or you find out a lot of items have been shared externally. In my line of work we help customers when something happens in Drive which they can’t understand. Not having the Drive Audit available is actually a huge issue in these circumstances. I just don’t understand Google’s logic in withdrawing this and I am annoyed it wasn’t highlighted in the “Switching” information that was made public.

I am interested in others views - am I alone in feeling this way? Are there other workarounds out there for SME’s on the Starter level to manage their Drive when something goes wrong? Should Google really be taking this “visibility” away from companies?

2 replies

One solution could be to use the commercially available GAT+ from, not only does it provide audit, but also allows preemptive blocking of sharing and corrective functionality by Admins. Audit also covers far more areas than the Drive Audit Log.

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To my knowledge, drive audit log was never available for G Suite Basic or Business Starter. Third party tools that use Drive API can query the files but Drive audit logs will only be generated for users that have the appropriate license.