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Google Docs Freezing/Locking Browser

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Hi, all.

When I open any of my Google Docs, regardless of type, they will freeze my Chrome Browser and all open tabs for about :20-:30 secs.  Then, they begin to function normally until I close and re open, and the condition then repeats.

This issue began about a month after I upgraded to Monterey, but doesn’t seem to have been the direct cause, as the documents functioned normally for a while.

I have uninstalled and re installed Google Drive.  I have left the synced file directory on my hard drive at it’s default install location.  I have not reinstalled Chrome, but regularly clear the Cache.  I have not reinstalled the OS, as all other program apps are functioning normal.


  • Persists whether I open a file from synced hard drive or directly from Google Drive online
  • Persists from different locations, different Service Providers, different routers.
  • No one else that shares these files experience this condition.
  • From my new 2021 Macbook Pro laptop, I do not experience any of these conditions. 
  • I do not experience this issue with any other Web sites while browsing in Chrome.

So, I’ve narrowed the range of culprits as tight as I know how to do.




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@Nina Trankova @Kim.Nilsson @Jane Hames do have any idea?

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Usually when things like this happens a Chrome Extension is the culprit.

Might even be one that has never caused any issues before.

Other times it is always the same extension…

Grammarly is very a common reason.

Rarely it is an adblocker, like uBlock Origin (my favourite adblocker for many years).

I have used Monterey since it was released stable to the public, and have not have any such issues. I do not use the Drive for Desktop app, as I don’t work that way. I only work online.

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Thanks @Kim.Nilsson 

And I always work online.

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Hi @The Warden ,

I had a similar problem some time ago but only with Google Slides, I disabled Chrome extensions including the ones from Google until I found the one causing the problem.

I suggest to start with that approach.


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Holy cow that did it, Alfons!  Of all things, it was the “Google Docs Offline” extension, which allows me to update files offline, and it automatically syncs and updates the next time I’m online.  I don’t use that function anyway, deleted the extension, and PRESTO, no more freezing!

Thank you, Sir!


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Great!, Glad we found the solution so quickly!


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Sorry, I’ve only just got to this message. Glad you’ve got it sorted though! Have a great day everyone.

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Hi @Jane Hames! Thanks for having a look at @The Warden’s issue. Thankfully @Alfons gave a solution to the problem. :grinning:  

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I’m glad the issue has been resolved fast @ilias! Thank you for tagging me! I only checked my @c2c notifications today. Disabling extensions in Chrome is the working solution users in Google’s Help Forums most often report back for having resolved thier issues. Not just in Docs. Same in Google Meet and other of Google’s productivity apps. I have specifically asked about this repeated situation users are struggling with. From explanations of Engineers I’ve learned that developers need time to adjust to Google updates, generally said. I personally turn on an extension, complete the task and turn it off. This will not work for everyone, but I’m confident to keep up with the most recent updates across my accounts and devices.  

Happy New Year @ilias and all  c2c members!  

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Happy New Year @Nina Trankova :grin: