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Google Meet Safety Settings

  • 23 June 2021
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For me this was most awaited feature which recently got extended from education to business subscription in Google Workspace editions.


Now we can easily control internal/external Google Meet meeting participation. Earlier it was really hard to accept that users can join anything on meet. How about others, did you feel the same?

Also, I tested it OU wide which works fine but honestly i am still seeking this one to be manageable via Google Groups also. 

2 replies

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Admins now have three settings to control which types of meetings users from their organization can join:

  1. Meetings created by someone in your organization 
  2. Meetings created by any other Google Workspace customer 
  3. All meetings, including meetings created with personal Google accounts

Yes, I'm so glad you took notice of this update @PrashantB ! I'm excited about this Admin priviledge as well! Because of the emergency during the pandemic Admins got no control on many of the functionalities in Meet thus educattors and businesses spend extra time to admit participants in Meet, for example or have people spending extra amount of time in Meet meetings. Admins can now manage this Meet Safety settings for each OU.

It makes me wonder if Google have plans for limiting data consumption in more ways than just storage, Meet meetings included with  Google Workspace editions. I'd like to ask @dominikkugelmann if they know how are data consumption defined with a given Google Workspace version?   

I'm looking forward if and how Meet Safety settings will be made available for Groups.  

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Not sure, Nina.

I assume that it's in Googles best interest to keep resources down (see 720p limit) but what else would they do (other than maybe working on better codecs)?