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Google sheets "If then else" question

  • 26 November 2021
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In an "if, then, else" formula, is there a way to make the "else" do nothing. I'm trying to store a value at a certain time, and hold that value.

My existing formula is =IF(AND($E$16=7,$F$16=12,$H$16=25+F$1,$I$16=11),C2). It collects the value
correctly at 5.00 on the 25th of the 11th. But at 5.01, it substitutes "FALSE" for the value.

If I add IF(AND($E$16=7,$F$16=12,$H$16=25+F$1,$I$16=11),C2,””) as the “else” it blanks the data as soon as the time is up.

Many thanks

1 reply

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Hi @TimKaroo , welcome to the community!,

Have a look at this thread that I found on internet to see if it helps to resolve your doubt.