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How are you planning to use Clent-side encryption in Drive?

  • 30 June 2021
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In order to maintain the segregation of duties, enabling Client-side encryption requires you to choose a key access service partner: Flowcrypt, Futurex, Thales, or Virtru. Each of these partners have built tools in accordance with Google’s specifications and provide both key management and access control capabilities. Your partner of choice holds the key to decode encrypted Google Workspace files, and Google cannot access or decipher these files without this key. If you prefer to build or integrate your own in-house key services, we will be publishing the key access service API specifications that can be used with Client-side encryption later this year.

Resource: Google Workspace delivers new levels of trusted collaboration for a hybrid work world


I'm interested to learn what others think about encrypted files, how are they planning to use those  and specifically can this functionality be approached as a new level of permissions. For example instead of integrating Drive with WorPress tools, use the encyption key solutinto when managing access to files. 


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Probably not beyond demo and very limited security purposes to be quite frank.