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I am DONE with Microsoft 365. Need help with how to migrate over Sharepoint Pages and Email

  • 9 September 2023
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Apologies if this comes across as a rant but I am throwing out Microsoft 365.

The pricing matrix is absurd. The ability to figure out the plan and how much it costs is an exercise that could be worthy of an enhanced interrogation program. See the following link if you don’t believe me → 


The fee for integrating 365 Dynamics Sales Pro and Linkedin Sales Navigator was my breaking point (MSFT owns LinkedIn and requires an Advanced Plus license I can’t justify…..charging salesforce customers i get but 365 Dynamics customers makes ZERO sense).

So I am moving my business email domain to workspace and I need to know if someone can point me in the right direction.

I started my company in 2018 as a consulting firm for FIX (financial information exchange) protocol and Bloomberg terminal integration. I did not want a website due to the fact that my target market was very small and a site would add an expense. I was not well educated in the DNS record department so I setup a workspace account with the domain catfixtechnology.com.
Unfortunately COVID killed my original business plan and I had to pivot.
After a year of hearing the phrase “what was that email address again”, I decided to build a site using Wix with a different domain. www.catfix.biz. This domain is what I used for my Microsoft 365 email and account (I like to call this period of my life “Teams will solve everything”….very dark days).

I am well aware that this should be an easy switch but there is a big catch. Last year I acquired the IP for Katana Labs. The @catfixtechnology.com became the billing domain for @katanasuite.com and I do not want to rock the boat with my billing setup. https://www.linkedin.com/smart-links/AQFmlVSXXwXuuw

My question is the following-

Do I need to buy another workspace license for the @catfix.biz domain that i am currently using for 365?

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