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Let's talk about the Apple devices in your environment!

  • 3 August 2023
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What is your IT department’s position on Apple devices in the organization?


Do they embrace user choice and offer Mac computers to users that want them, or is it a firm “no”? Do users get to enjoy the frictionless Apple experience they love, or are their devices locked down to the point they’re no longer pleasant to use? Perhaps IT is still in denial and pretend they don’t see their CEO walking around with a Macbook, talking on an iPhone using AirPods. Whatever step you’re at in your Apple maturity journey, Jamf is there for you.

At Jamf, we help organizations of all sizes and specialties to manage and secure their Apple devices, without impacting the user experience. You can find us in startups and enterprises, helping IT zero-touch deploy and secure Mac, iPhone and iPad and securely empowering employees with their BYOD devices.

We’d love to get to know you — but let’s break the ice first.


How did Jamf start?

In the early 2000s, then-student now co-founder Zach Halmstad was working in the IT department at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, laboring away at deploying, updating and tracking hundreds of Macs for students and faculty. Unable to find a solution that made this process less painful, he made his own — and thus in 2002, Jamf was born.

Halmstad, joined by co-founder Chip Pearson, led Jamf for 15 years, gaining more than 5,500 customers, nearly 500 employees and 8 global offices. In 2017, Jamf was acquired by Vista Equity Partners, and the co-founders left the company in the hands of CEO Dean Hager. 


Where are we now?

Things have changed in the last 20 years. Since those early days, Apple has released some heavy hitters: iPod, Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and more. And Jamf has adapted along the way, best summed up by the words of Jamf CEO Dean Hager: “When Apple innovates, Jamf celebrates.”

Jamf has grown too. Now headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, we now have 15 office locations spread among 11 countries throughout the globe and 2,500 employees. Over 72,500 customers use Jamf to manage and secure more 30 million devices.


What does Jamf do?

Now you know a bit about our history. So what exactly do we do?

Jamf offers products for management, security and authentication/identity management. Our unique focus on Apple devices optimizes the experience for Apple-first organizations, while our adaptable platform gives you the ability to unlock your investment in great hardware to accompany your Google Cloud and Google Workspace environments.


  • Jamf Pro: Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV
  • Jamf Now: Powerful but simple Apple device management for small businesses
  • Jamf School: MDM for schools with special features for teachers, students and parents


  • Jamf Protect: Endpoint protection for Apple devices offering full support on release day, real-time detection and threat prevention
  • Jamf Safe Internet: Content filtering and control to keep students safe and on-track in the classroom — on Apple devices and Google Chromebook
  • Jamf Executive Threat Protection: Advanced detection and response capabilities for executives and other high-profile individuals on iOS and Android devices

Authentication and identity management:

  • Jamf Connect: Account provisioning and management with Google Cloud Identity (and other identity providers) with zero trust network capabilities 

These products give our customers the power to easily deploy, manage and secure their devices, including to remote employees (did you hear our employees can work from anywhere?). Jamf works with Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment feature to enable zero-touch deployment, meaning employees can receive ready-to-use Apple devices without IT ever having to touch the box. And Jamf gives organizations the option to implement secure BYOD programs without violating user privacy or putting company data at risk.

Jamf offers Google product integrations your organization can take advantage of, to streamline identity, secure corporate resources, and maintain higher levels of observability across your entire Mac and mobile fleet. We are excited to be part of C2C, engage with all of you, and share what we know about successful Apple device deployments. 

How does your organization support Apple devices? Does your company offer a user-choice program inclusive of Apple or support BYOD for Mac, iPad or iPhone? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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