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Migration to New Google Sites

  • 21 April 2021
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I have been using Google New Sites  since it became the default option in August 2020. For the starting OnEBoardSevice it has been a great experience working with the Google New Sites. It made it a fun journey for our work in collaboration. 

  • New Google Sites supported our task management as the team was in control how fast to move with the schedule while creating the public facing Site    

So how to make the most out of new Google Sites? What's on you to-do list with Classic Sites?  

Google Workspace Website creation in classic Google Sites will no longer be available starting May 15, 2021

👉  This is valid for all individual and Google Workspace users. 

On a side note, I've learned that individual users are working with Google Sites for thier private purposes such as hobby, family proojects and more. Do you have such use cases to share? I think it will be interesting to the c2c Community members talking how each of us are running individual projects/Sites with Google Workspace tools.    

The roadmap to migrate Classic Google Sites to New Google Sites is this:   

December 2021: Editing existing classic Sites disabled

August 2020: New Sites becomes default option

May 2021: New site creation in classic Sites is disabled

January 2022:All remaining classic Sites are converted to a draft New Google Site for review and replaced with an archive.

How to migrate your classic Sites:

The Google Workspace blog has shared useful resources, including a free Google Sites Migration Guide in Slides presentatation one can download as a PDF as well. 

  • Go to sites.google.com classicsitesmanager https://sites.google.com/classicsitesmanager . Classic Sites Manager has been purpose-built to support users throughout the migration process. You can use the tool to delete, archive or convert your Sites.
  • Analyze your sites and determine what action is needed for each one. To help determine which sites may no longer be needed, apply a filter to only show sites that were viewed, or edited by a specific date. Tip: Data can be downloaded if you prefer to work in Sheets.


Google Workspace Admins don't need to bother since even at the final date in January 2022 Google Workspace is automatically converting the classic Sites to a draft New Google Site to be reviewed and published. Do you agree or do you have another experience with Classic Sites migration?  

Resources: Google Workspace announcement Google Workspace Website creation in classic Google Sites will no longer be available starting May 15, 2021

Disable creating Classic Sites 

Google Sites Migration Guide

2 replies

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Let me track down our friend Emmanuel Pacheco over at Google Cloud.  He is the one who introduced me to Sites a few months back and has some amazing use cases for them, both personally with his amazingly talented daughter and professionally in his work services his customers. Hold tight :) !

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Awesome to learn more! Thank you @danny.pancratz !