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Moving from Zoom to Google Meet

  • 11 June 2021
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How are people moving away from Zoom to Google Meet?

Having video backgrounds is good fun, but doesn't provide huge business benefit. I would have preferred Google to have focused its efforts on closing the feature gaps between Meet and Zoom Webinar. 

Zoom Webinar has some really nice features such as a registration page, PayPal integration etc.

How have others addressed these feature gaps of Google Meet?


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8 replies

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That is a great topic @PaulRLees!

I'm curious to see what the other member of our community has to say.

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Worth pointing out this neat hack with Google Meet - 


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No to Zoom Webinars. I like the direction Google Meet is headed, scaling security and quality of the Meet meeings and potentially preparing a public live-streaming events platform. This is my own speculation but I see it much more attractive to businesses than Webinars @PaulRLees . 

Then, there's space for developers to complete custom solutions with Google Meet, Shared Drives, Google Groups and achieve similar integration interoperability solutions. At least that's how I see it and it's how I'm advising clients to approach customized needs. Now everyone is eager to go to events in the physical world as much as possible. If users prefer less online meetings, Webinars included, Google will care for the digital wellbeing, correct? I for one go to "Watch on demand” videos.   

Google Meet remains the basic team collaboration and team engagement core product in Google Workspace. The new layout will do a transformation for millions of users as more people will start navigating the video conferencing meetings in a user friendly, secure and comfortable manner. Thus expanding individual and team's roles into innovative solutions for the businesses. I'm sure you are having very good reasons to bring the topic of Webinars @PaulRLees yet I truly hope Google Meet keeps up with the Smart Canvas concept where text, images and remote work can efficiently level up innovation. Let's still be friends, Paul:) 

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@Nina Trankova thanks for the insight, and I agree things are moving in many directions. Personally I’m not convinced having the ability to include Meet within other Apps is going to change the way many work. Most people I know typically have multiple screens, and can achieve the same results. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a really cute little feature, and comes across as a wow factor visually. But there are other more traditional features that are missing, webinars, host control, integration with chat, close captions to text, HD video, etc. 

I’m not as young as I once was, but why is it that I look younger on Zoom than Google Meet. Zoom understands it’s target market and has create a soft filter for us oldies. :joy:  

Businesses did webinars before the pandemic and I am sure they will continue, even though I agree in person meetings will be well attended, there will always be a need to remote presentations. In the same way that there are people still using desktop applications, when there are clearly better ways to be productive.

Until Google steps up with a solution, I guess one could use a Google Form, populate a Google Sheet, connect the Sheet to a Calendar Event with Zapier and you’d be sorted. (Now why can’t C2C do that for their events :zipper_mouth: )

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@PaulRLees I agree, the core missing component is the streaming capability. It used to exist (Hangouts on Air) and it was a great tool.

The Enterprise level licences gives access to an “internally streamed” version of meet, and this is great, but again, allowing business to maintain the same tool and not have to switch to a different technology just for external webinars (albeit without maybe all of a aforementioned integrations (paypal for example… If you need those integrations than maybe a specialist tool for webinars is more adapted to your needs) .. but for the majority of businesses, a simple way to stream you content would be sufficient for 80% of the time.

The technology is already there, its a business decision to provide the capability or not by Google.

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The technology is already there, its a business decision to provide the capability or not by Google.

Completely agree @alan.muntadas ! Isn't this an attention grabbing debate @PaulRLees ?!  And healthy as well as far as the competition between platforms results in better user experiences.

I like how Google cloud is revolutionizing work globally, productivity being part of it yet starting from data centers sustainability to digital welbeing individually and hybrid work. Updates have been announced by Javier Soltero on June 14th: Navigating hybrid work with a single, connected experience in Google Workspace .  As a person from the industrial production background I can tell that it was unthinkably expensive to manage resources from the natural resource till the end product in any accountable way for any industry before the technology revolution. I don't think Zoom is revolutionizing work. That's my opinion. At the same time Google Workspace is available now for everyone. It's focus is on collaboration equity. I think that the Z and Alpha generations would make choices based more on the culture of work and rather apply own solutons, as you exactly pointed out to the Form/Sheet/Calendar features. Culture beyond solutions: that it to explain why I'm writing this even if it could sound offtopic when one is reading. Thankfully c2c Community is taking leadership in organizing and populating the culture of work importance. 

I agree with you on more than one point. The public broadcasts from Zoom, Meet etc. have so much more to achieve focusing on hybrid work! By the way I can't wait to see your customized video background in Google Meet, a new feature to be released soon. 

I'm using the preset videos by Google now. Chrome version M87+ is required, just adding a handy reminder for others who might be reading here.      

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To be honest, I don’t get into feature discussions with clients or prospects much.

I do, however, point out how insecure Zoom is, and that the Ts&Cs (of the free version at least) allow Zoom to sell your data.

And then I evangelise the integration with the rest of GW. 


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and privacy issues -