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Need access to Google Workspace

We have recently taken ownership of another entity and unfortunately, do not have admin access to their google space.  I am very frustrated as an IT exec that I cannot find someone to help with this situation.  We are legal owners of the information kept in google workspace, however there is no method for us to gain access to the information stored here.  


Can someone please give some insight as to how to get in touch with someone at Google to rectify this situation?




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Hi there


This is very frustrating. The best way to be able to recover your Google Workspace Admin accounts is by adding a CNAME record to your domain. 

Please see these 2 support KBs 




I hope that helps. 

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Hello there @COMS Admin. Did perhaps @Paulogier’s answer help you out? Did  you manage to work it out?

Hello @Dimitris Petrakis.  No the recommendations were not helpful.  We have a hostile environment at a subsidiary that we have acquired.  They are holding information hostage from us and slowing the process of fully integrating that unit.  Unfortunately, Google has no process to facilitate removing hostile employees that are “super-admins” without having another admin in the domain.  This is just not helpful in this situation.  We fully own the company, yet cannot access our data.  There needs to be another method.  The only other suggestion was to contact the current admin, which is also not an option at this time.  Very dissatisfied with Google at this time. 

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Hi @COMS Admin,

it is recommended to have two Super-Admins. I guess you haven’t.

Have you checked the steps of this doc? Especially the last part, “if your administrator is unreachable or inactive”. 


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@Paulogier’s second link (same link included in @ilias response) is the only correct response to questions like this. The last paragraph of the support article describes this exact situation, with the caveat that it may need to be done quickly, before the existing admins destroy all information.

If you don’t manage the DNS of the domain.tld of the entity you took over, then you don’t actually have any control. If you have DNS control then you have all control. Nobody can stop you.