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Selling GW in regions you are not a Partner

  • 15 April 2021
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Morning all (or afternoon depending on where you are)!

My company is a Google Partner for Selling GW in UK & I. I’ve seen an increase in enquiries for GW from prospects in the US and NZ, where we’re not a Partner.

At the moment, we don’t use a local distributor and just set up the GW client with our billing information and then invoice the client with our services bundled in. We also don’t bother to put margin on the GW licences, just sell at cost.

I’m curious as to how you folks deal with those situations.



5 replies

It will be interesting to see what happens when New Zealand and US Google partners start selling at cost in the UK. It will quickly reach the point where no one has any margin. This has to be good for business (Google’s that is).

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I think the days of using margin as a revenue generator will be gone soon, it’s all about adding value.

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I agree 100% @pgoggin adding value is the only way Google Workspace partners will be able to retain customers. Just see what @dominikkugelmann and 22d consult are doing.

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Interesting analysis.  That I tend to disagree with. 

With most of our resold tools we are adding value within the margin.  Our newest value adding tool is really the best one to start conversations.  And it helps us to provide a higher amount of value with less work, actually. 

Us adding value is the way we attract and retain customers from Google and even many immensely bigger Partners.  We still sell at list price or at the discount we get from Google. 

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For clarity, when you at cost, you mean you sell at the cost you pay google, so with no partner margin?

While i agree that it is essential to add value to the offer that partners give clients, I do not agree with the practice of selling “at cost” and destroying the partner margins. this only favours large, cross cloud vendors who are not specialised on Google Services, and will end up running the small specialised partners into difficulty. 

Adding value on top of the list price is what all partners should be doing, not undercutting the basic earnings that we make. that for me is shooting yourself in the foot, and will detrimental to all in the long run.