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Share your experience using a Chromebook for your daily work

  • 2 October 2021
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Hi everyone,

recently I started to be tempted to try a Chromebook, I never used one and I’m wondering if they are a good option to work?

What do you think?. Is anyone working full-time on a Chromebook can share the experience?

Also, given that the current Google Pixelbook it’s been for a while on the market now, does anyone know if we are going to see a new model soon?

7 replies

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I primarily use Chromebook as my personal device. It’s secure, it’s fast. If you are looking to buy a new Chromebook, Auto Update Expiry is something to watch out for, especially for some of the older models. While Google has not introduced any new models since Pixelbook Go, I expect there would be something with Google’s own chip in the next year or two. I use Windows device because I have far too many Google accounts to be efficient on a Chrome device, but when Chrome browser is decoupled from Chrome OS through Lacros, I expect that to be a problem of the past.

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As I work in a company using the full Google Workspace suite, I am for 99% working on my - privately owned - Chromebook, Alfons. This works out totally fine. It’s fast reliable, and I can do everything I need. Just make sure you get a Chromebook with enough RAM power - at least 8G - and you should not have problems at all. I can recomment this YouTube channel here: These guys are super into Chromebooks too and have published reviews of many devices.

For the rest I can copy what hjimbrian said: I expect a new Google Chromebook soon - with the Tensor chip. That’s gonna be an interesting device, I am pretty sure.

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Thanks @hjkimbrian and @raphaelwermuth I’m excited to try a Chromebook but I will wait until Google presents a new model. Any chance this could be happening at Next 21?

Great recommendation about Chrome Unboxed’s Youtube Channel !

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What are your thoughts on this device 🎮 ?

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I cannot believe you can use Google Workspace in Atari console, great!, know I’m one button away from procrastination!...hahaha..just kidding.


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Another great news to justify to myself the buying of a Chromebook!

Support for running multiple Linux containers at once is incoming:

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We’re using Chromebooks exclusively at our company.

The combination of its security properties, and centralized management, make it quite a treat.

We’re developing a product in the fintech space, and there’s a lot of software development happening. With Crostini (Linux VM), you can develop locally (kinda). It requires higher spec chromebooks to be usable. Instead, we use cloud-based development environments, like code-server or gitpod.

This means it allows us to combine the security of chromebooks with the reverse-uptime, disposable nature of ephemeral workspaces. Solves a lot of compliance problems out of the box!