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Transfer data from one Workspace to another.

  • 23 December 2021
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Can anyone help me to transfer data from one Google workspace account to another?

I have 2 Google accounts….the one I use for work is limited data wise to 30 gigs which fast runs out.

The other Worksapace account has unlimited data.

Other than saving Google photos for example to a hard drive first and then uploading to the unlimited drive I was hoping to find a more direct solution.

3 replies

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It depends on the data you need to transfer. If it is mainly email then you should be looking at migration methods. If it is Drive data then you can do the same - migrate it - but you have other options depending on your requirements. You could, for example, copy Drive folders to the new account and then delete the content from your work account. A copy has the drawback of losing history (comments etc) but may be an answer for you. There are a few tools to assist you - we have one called Copy Folder:

Another option is to add more storage to your work account, it can be less costly than moving data around in the long run.

Happy to chat more directly with you about this if you like.

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Is it photos that you are trying to copy/migrate? Google photos API isn't that robust. Best to download and re-upload. For items in Drive you can copy or move. Both can be done using rclone.

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Migrating data between accounts is always troublesome.  You can see the following links for help: