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Translate Captions in Google Meet Beta

  • 12 November 2021
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Dear C2C Google Workspace members,

While experiencing the Translate Captions functionality in Meet meetings I though about the possible use cases professionals might benefit implementing it, to list a few: 

  • safety and health instructions to foreign groups of workers and employee
  • social centers helping people in disaster areas or immigrants;
  • meeting parents who don't speak English in schools and kindergartens. 
  • onboarding instructions due to be deliverd to groups visiting data centers, manufacturing facilities, cmpuses etc. 
  • welcome conversation in English teaching

What else would you add to the list? How do you envision the future of Translate captions fuctionality - are all languages going to be added? What is needed in your immediate work now and in the future? 

Here's the video (2:16) demonstrating the automated translation available in Beta with Google Meet Translate Captions feature.

From the setting while in Google Meet select Captions and choose the language you want the automated translation to display for the participants in a virtual Meet meeting. The feature is available for translation from English to Spanigh, Portugese, French and German.

0:00 Introduction to Translate Captions Beta in Google Meet

0:47 Simulated demo of a hybrid educational center to a group of participants from Spain

1:15 Instructions displayed in the Spanish language in sync with the speaker

1:24 Written confirmation via a Poll valid for certifcation

2:00 Automated translation is working for Spanidh, Portugese, French and German For automated translation from other languages to the Englsh language and manual set up of the feature, watch our "How to understand each other while talking in native languages"


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