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Build a chat server with Cloud Run

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With Cloud Run — the fully-managed serverless container platform on Google Cloud — you can quickly and easily deploy applications using standard containers. In this article, we will explain how to build a chat server with Cloud Run using Python as the development language. We will build it with the FastAPI framework, based on this FastAPI sample source code.

[Note that this article does not provide detailed descriptions of each service. Refer to other articles for details like Cloud Run settings and the cloudbuild.yaml file format.]

Chat server architecture

The chat server consists of two Cloud Run services: frontend and backend. Code management is done on GitHub. Cloud Build deploys the code, and chat messages are passed between users with Redis pub/sub and Memorystore.

Set the “Authentication” option on the Cloud Run frontend service to “Allow all traffic” for frontend and backend. The two services communicate with a WebSocket, and backend and Memorystore can be connected using a serverless VPC access connector.

Let's take a look at each service one by one.


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