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Want to learn Google Cloud? Here are seventeen fresh Pluralsight courses that look pretty great.

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I’ve been putting together a learning list to help me go deep on machine learning in 2023. After doing a few tutorials reading some docs, and watching a few videos, I jumped onto Pluralsight to see what they had. Given that I’ve been teaching at Pluralsight for more than a decade, I feel silly not checking there first! I bookmarked a few good-looking machine learning courses to watch later, but what really caught my eye was that Google Cloud folks were busy adding and updating tons of courses in the catalog over the past couple of months. Here are a handful of high-quality, educational courses that jumped out at me.



Data and AI/ML



Core infrastructure

  • Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services. This course is about three-and-a-half hours and covers topics like IAM, storage, databases, and operations. Looks like a very solid overview of the base infrastructure.
  • Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process. This is a four+ hour course that helps you architect and design a system that runs on Google Cloud. It’s not about building out the specific components, but rather, about going from requirements to architecture. it covers topics like microservices, automation, reliability, security, maintenance, and more.


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Thank you so much Richard (@C2C Community Team)!


This is a great resource to keep learning about Google Cloud. For me, I would like to get a certification (fundamental first) this year and start doing some work on the cloud to gain experience. 


Let’s see how other user this information to keep learning.



Well, obviously this is and amazing and well managed platform I seek to explore more as I'm passionate about it....

Merci @MoiGonzaga