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5 must-know security and compliance features in Cloud Logging

  • 30 August 2022
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Cloud logging

Cloud Logging is now FedRAMP High certified!

As enterprise and public sector cloud adoption continues to accelerate, having an accurate picture of who did what in your cloud environment is important for security and compliance purposes.

Logs are critical when you are attempting to detect a breach, investigating ongoing security issues, or performing forensic investigations.

These five must-know Cloud Logging security and compliance features can help customers create logs to best conduct security audits.

The first three features were launched recently in 2022, while the last two features have been available for some time. 


  1. Cloud Logging is a part of Assured Workloads
  2. Cloud Logging is now FedRAMP High certified.

  3. “Manage your own Keys,” also known as customer managed encryption keys (CMEK), can encrypt Cloud Logging log buckets.

  4. Setting a high bar for cloud provider transparency with Access Transparency.

  5. Track who is accessing your Log data with Access Approval Logs. 



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2 replies

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Great post @malamin. Thanks for sharing.

I didn’t know the Access Transparency and the Access Approval.

Until now I could see the records of the actions that were taken from members of my company with the Cloud Audit logs. But now, with the Access Transparency I can see the record of the actions taken by Google personnel.

I need to read more about the Access Approval.

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Thank you so much @ilias to interested in this post. I will try to add some of information about log Access Approval. Access Approval.