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A Fun Story, Explains Identity & Access Management Simply!

What is IDENTITY? What is ACCESS? What is I&AM? What are the differences between Authentication and Authorization?🤔

🖐️Welcome to the complex world of Application Security! No worries! You will understand IAM easily from this 3-minute simple story of your own life: “IAM in the Airport”.

"I&AM in Airport" -IAM Explained Simply in Fun Story


Hi🖐️, I am Della, I am a cloud professional, IT professor, and learning designer. I want to help you understand cloud, and understand career in cloud, in simple, easy, and fun stories!

If you like this video, you can find more from my channel “Simple ‘it’ Story Shows”  on cloud services, resources, and IT works. 

Yes, Cloud is complicated. But you can understand "it", one story at a time, and have fun! 😀  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1bu...


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It’s a great way to explain the IAM.

Thanks for sharing it @della 


I am glad you find it helpful!  I like to explain complicated cloud concepts in simple fun stories. 

Will share more down the road. Thank you for the like!

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That’s great @della 

Your video can help a lot of people who are just starting their journey with GCP.

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Hey @della ! That was a nice video! Indeed, you keep it simple! And the more simple you make something, the easier it is to comprehend! 


Nice one! 😎

Indeed! Thank you Dimitris! 

“Cloud is so complicated, only simple story can explain it 😄  “