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Data security in Google Cloud

  • 20 July 2022
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Source: official Google Cloud Blog

We have Data Security:

  • at Rest,
  • in-transit &
  • in-use

Encryption is a core control for data security, and Google Cloud offers multiple encryption options for the data.

@Priyanka Vergadia is shedding some light on each of them in her new article

I would like to hear-read your thoughts on how you secure your data @bngejane, @Ananth

@enzonil70 and @Irtaza Ali do you think it is enough for cybersecurity issues?


1 reply

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Nice one, @ilias! And as always, Priyanka is making things simple to grasp! 

@tuliani I remember you have been working around Security, I thought I should tag you and ask for a comment too, around encryption and data security😎

@Mali, I remember you are an expert in Cloud KMS - what more could you add here? 


Thanks! :)