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[Infographic] Have your SIEM ... and augment it too

  • 11 August 2022
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How would you feel if you found that you could have your SIEM and also enhance it? For three examples of real-world use scenarios, scroll through the infographic below. If you add Chronicle to your current legacy SIEM, it will help your security operations team scale, be more affordable, and have a stronger reaction.


However, replacing a SIEM can sometimes be an expensive endeavour, and every firm is at a different point of its security operations journey. One choice is to "augment" their stack using Chronicle SIEM from Google, which may help you rapidly and inexpensively achieve better security outcomes.


What can you truly accomplish with a Chronicle enhancement, beyond the numbers? A new infographic makes three real-world application scenarios easier to understand. Google chronicle defines them in three titles:

  1. The “Cover All Your Bases” use case
  2. The “Hoarding is Rewarding” use case
  3. The “Automation Station” use case

Click on the following link to view the infographic:




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