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Introducing Network Connectivity Center

  • 24 March 2021
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Network Connectivity Center (NCC), which delivers planet-scale network management to simplify complex networks for your on-prem and cloud connectivity needs.

NCC provides a single management experience to easily create, connect, and manage heterogeneous on-prem and cloud networks leveraging Google’s global infrastructure.

NCC serves as a vantage point to seamlessly connect VPNs, partner and dedicated interconnects, as well as third-party routers and Software-Defined WANs, helping you optimize connectivity, reduce the operational burden and lower costs—wherever your applications or users may be.

NCC delivers:

  • Single connectivity model
  • Flexible cloud connectivity
  • VPN-based multicloud connectivity 
  • SD-WAN Integration/Third-party router 
  • Real-time visibility for your global network 

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