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Introducing the Identity & Security Moderators

  • 15 February 2023
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Introducing the Identity & Security Moderators
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Pambos Charalambous

Username:     pambos







Pambos Charalambous is a seasoned Google Cloud Security professional who is passionate about helping businesses to reduce their overall risk in the Cloud. He enjoys securing Cloud deployments and protecting sensitive data. Pambos is adept at working with senior management to develop and implement security policies, standards and strategies, which cover all aspects of Cloud security, governance and risk management.

Company: GFT Group

Job Title: Principal Cloud Architect - GCP



Jerome Chappolard

Username: Jerome at Orca Security








Jérôme is in charge of Southern Europe at Orca Security . Jérôme has 20+ years of experience in IT and cybersecurity and a go to market approach. Jérôme is a partnership builder to develop new markets, as well as a new tech and disruptive approach lover.

Company: Orca Security

Job Title: Cloud Security Advisor



Philippe Rondel

Username: prondel








Philippe has 25 years experience in Cybersecurity. He Worked 22 years at Check Point Software Technologies where he was the pre-sales manager for France during 12 years and also Cyber-Evangelist.
He is, now, working for Orca Security where he help the development of this innovative Cloud Security company in South Europe and Benelux

Company: Orca Security

Job Title: Senior SE



Mayur Rathi

Username:     mayurrathi26







Mayur is a cloud consultant working with Capgemini with 4 years of experience in Google cloud platform administration. He works with Pre-sales teams and architects. Additionally,  he is a GCP trainer, to date, has trained 230+ people to get GCP certified.

He is actively involved in tech-communities. presently he is the lead of the GDG Cloud chapter in Bhopal, Central India.

Company: Capgemini

Job Title: Cloud Consultant

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Welcome @pambos and thank you for all your support to the C2C Community. It's good to have you here.

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You’re welcome, @pambos . It's great to see you as a security moderator.

Your cloud security expertise will shine through to our community members, who will benefit from your assistance in expanding their cloud security knowledge.

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@valdecir.carvalho, @malamin, thank you for your kind words. I’m very excited to be part of this great community. I look forward to working with each and everyone of you. 

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We had to edit this post and welcome @prondel and @Jerome at Orca security as our two new moderators for the Identity and Security group! Philippe and Jerome are a great addition to the team of moderators / writers and we are really looking forward to reading your posts! 😎


Philippe and Jerome, a big welcome to both of you! I would also like to grab the opportunity and introduce you to @pambos, who is also a moderator for our Identity and Security group


Pambos, meet Philippe and Jerome! 🙂