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Attention all Citizens! (of Pittsburgh)

  • 10 March 2021
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Today, @GoogleCloud and @Pittsburgh are embarking on a 4-year partnership to migrate the city’s infrastructure from on-premises to Google Cloud, enabling the city to improve delivery of citizen services.

What do you think?   Is this a problem today?   Do you think cloud will resolve issues in the future? 

Let us know. 

Read the article here


2 replies

My opinion is, it’s policies and processes that shape a citizen’s approval/appreciation of a city’s services, not the technology.

That said, lack of appropriate technology is a serious hinder, while abundant, scalable, easy to use and maintain technology is a serious enabler.  And the Google platform rocks, so as long as you have or get appropriate architectural guidance and design, it will definitely be a big win for the city.


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Agree with you.  We need to have more forward thinkers in public service, who are open minded about tech adoption and what it can bring to cities as the art of the possible.