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Cloud CDN for IAP Protected Websites hosted in GKE

  • 20 October 2022
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Anyone Deployed CDN for a frontend service deployed in GKE and protected with Cloud IAP?


Best answer by yuval 21 October 2022, 17:14

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Hey there, @Deepak Suresh 

Interesting. I’d like to know more about it too.

Thoughts? @ilias@malamin@yuval 

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Thanks for tagging me @seijimanoan 

Hi @Deepak Suresh,

Can you introduce yourself in the Lounge section using this template? It will be great to know more about you.

As for your question, it is too generic. Be more specific. That's how we will know who to tag to help you.

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Hello @Deepak Suresh 


Can you provide more context? Who are the users and what type of data to you want to cache?

IAP best practices document mentions caching[1]:

  • Don't use a third-party CDN in front of your application. CDNs may cache content and serve cached pages to unauthenticated users.
    • If you have large, non-sensitive resources that you want to serve from a CDN, use a separate domain such as for these resources. Use the CDN with that domain and add the Cache-control: private HTTP response header to all objects that should only be served to authenticated users.


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Hi @Deepak Suresh as both @yuval and I wrote we need more text from you.