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  • 5 August 2021
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Image source: Google Cloud Blog

What do you do when you have multiple projects with multiple Cloud Logging instances, one per project, and it’s difficult to monitor all the projects at the same time, in the same place?

Also, how can you set log-based metrics, when you can only filter in the current project and you can’t set the filter to folder or organization level?

Do you know how to have your log-based metrics and the alerts of each project in one place that is more efficient and consistent?

You can read the answer to the above questions in this wonderful article by @guillaume blaquiere 

Image source: Guillaume’s article on

Now that you have everything in one place, if you need to troubleshoot faster, check the new histogram features in Cloud Logging

Using the histogram in Logs Explorer, you can quickly visualize log volumes over time to help spot anomalies, detect when errors started and see a breakdown of log volumes. With all 3 new features

  • Pan left/right to scroll through time

  • Zooming in or out

  • Scrolling to time

makes it even easier to improve and analyze our logs by time range.

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