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Continuous replication for GCE VM disks - Actifio Go

  • 11 December 2021
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Hi Community


We were assessing a service within GCP that would help replication disk level changes (continuously in a synchronous / near synchronous mode) across zones in a given region. Ideally, we are looking for the absolute replacement of CloudEndure  which was earlier available within GCP (now acquired and branded within AWS). 

Based on the little research I carried out, Actifio Go seems to be reasonable choice for this requirement. Have any of you used this tool for such needs (HA / DR) wherein continuous replication was enabled for anytime failover?

Appreciate your thoughts and any other recommendations for this requirement




1 reply

Unlikely to suite your needs , but GCE does support regional disks naively. You can read about how Google’s managed Cloud SQL product uses regional persistent disks to support within region cross zone failover   Writes to these regional disks are replicated across zones within region.