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Does Your Business Demand Connected Clouds?

  • 1 April 2021
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Ninety-two percent of enterprises have a multicloud strategy and 80% have a hybrid strategy, according to Flexera's 2021 State of the Cloud report. Managing those environments can be bumpy and less than half (42%) of enterprises use a mutlicloud management tools. 

According to Lori Mitchell-Keller, global leader of industry solutions at Google Cloud, “we have for some time now been embracing what we're calling the hybrid cloud…..”

As the customer, the business has to get up to speed on the offering to make the best cloud decisions for itself. "There's a lot of different interests out there so you really have to take the time to get educated on it so you're making the right decisions.” … 

Are you an executive who is reading this posting and wishes to double click on this topic?   We are building some new things for this C2C Community and would like to have your input.  Multi Cloud is a hot topic and we want to know if there is interest in holding special sessions to cover this in a discussion format.   Let me know.  Happy to continue the dialogue.

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1 reply

We’re 100% cloud in a multi-cloud environment having closed our last co-located data center a year ago. About the same time I stepped into a role to look over optimizing our spending across this environment, which includes GCP, AWS, and Azure. 

We’ve looked at commercially available multi-cloud management solutions - dashboards mostly. Honestly the price of these products is so high that I’m a little blown away. We’ve chosen to go it alone and approach the problem as an agile methods target: look at each issue the multi-cloud brings to the table and solve it with a value-driven point solution. A couple of examples:

  • We’re using Aquasec’s products to wrestle container vulnerability scanning across the realm rather than use what the cloud vendors provide natively. 
  • I’m building dashboards to visualize spending and forecasting myself using Data Studio. Before I pay big $ for someone else’s stuff I need a better understanding of its value from hands-on learning.

The list of issues and their relative priority varies vastly from firm to firm. These two are only examples.