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End of Week Wins for Cloud Infrastructure

  • 18 June 2021
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Hello Cloud Infrastructure Group! As people around the world are wrapping up their work week, let’s take a moment to celebrate the wins (both big and small). Feel free to share:

  • Your personal victories this week
  • Any company victories you would like to share out
  • General achievements that this group can all get behind


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Hi all!, this week I had lots of fun using Hugo, Github, Firebase Hosting and Cloud Build.

Really interesting project, which i would try to write a blog post about soon, where:

  1. A website has been developed using HUGO, a Site Static Generator tool based on JamStack.
  2. Hosted on github for version control and collaboration.
  3. A project has been created in Firebase to host and serve the generated files, I love the free tier and the CDN features of Firebase.
  4. A pipeline has been created in Google Cloud Build, so every time there are changes in Hugo and those are committed to GitHub, a trigger starts Cloud Build that publishes the site to Firebase. Amazing how easy is to setup a pipeline in Cloud Build.

It’s just a small project but the process of automation looks so nice that I end up commited two or three extra times just to see more “Deployment Successful” messages :wink:

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Hugo: https://gohugo.io/

Firebase: https://firebase.google.com/

Cloud Build: https://cloud.google.com/build

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Thanks for sharing @alfonsmr! How did you go about choosing which products to use for your project?