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Google cloud swags Opportunity

  • 30 December 2021
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Finish 2021 strong! This week, you are invited to learn something new. Ever tried building a secure network in the cloud? Or developing an app without using code? All aboard the #QwiklabsExpress for a holiday learning journey!

Get your ticket, then take one lab free. When you complete the lab, you’ll activate a free 1-month pass to the entire lab catalog.

What to do?

You have to collect the ticket from the Qwiklabs website and go to the Catalog page of Google Cloud Skill and paste the code and then-


Complete a Google Cloud skill badge or quest this week (badge must be dated between now and Dec. 18, no exceptions). 

AND be one of the first unique 50 commenters on this exact post (in the Google Cloud

Other Details

A link to your Skills Boosts profile showing your new badge. Note: badges earned outside the challenge timeline don’t qualify!)

And in your comment, answer the question, “What’s one new thing you learned from the badge?” This can be a quick sentence or two, or a paragraph or more. (I love writing but not everyone does!)

Free Swags

Yes you can get the free swags from Google after completing any of the quizzes

8 replies

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Thnks bro for this Opportunity.



Can you guve link plz??

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Check on Google for link 

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And , thanks bro for introducing to such good opportunity

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Thnks bro

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Hii bro , i have got that link for this session

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Search on google you will get it

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Ok thnks bro ,i will definitely check that link