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Green Cloud Optimization

  • 16 April 2021
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A couple of months ago I posted here about our green cloud work at ThoughtWorks without providing much detail. Well, I’m back with lots of detail and software as well

Since last September our Cloud Ops team has partnered with the Green Technology team in our North American region to put our Cloud Carbon Footprint tool through its paces. Last week we launched it as an open source product.

We run our company across a rich multi-cloud platform of GCP, AWS, and Azure. CCF instantly identified for me more than one approach for improving our emissions posture in the cloud. I now know not only which cloud regions are our “dirtiest”, but I know which regions are the greenest; I know exactly where to move stuff.

I also know which applications are generating the most emissions on a different bar chart. This means I know which order to move them.

It has been a lot of fun helping the team with this technology. They have taught me a ton about carbon emissions in the cloud, too.


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Thanks for sharing it @mrichter.

I’m really happy to have Danielle and Dan from ThoughtWorks at our panel on April 22 celebrating Earth Week!