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Helping you pick the greenest region for your Google Cloud resources

  • 14 July 2021
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We are constantly comparing public cloud providers with the process they have in the technologies they provide. Or the relationship between convenience and utility of technology in relation to price.

But I would like to see people start comparing according to their carbon footprint!

Is it possible? What do you think?

Read the article here

Image source: Google Cloud Blog


5 replies

Last Info I had was that all GCP datacentres all run on green/renewable energy already. That being said, it would be nice to know about the other hyperscalers. 

BR, Kay

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I know @Kay Urbach. The first step has been done. Now I’m waiting to see

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This reminds me of choosing your coffee by region. It has an artisanal quality to it. Here’s hoping companies will choose to use the lower emission options! 

@Kay Urbach Google data centers do not necessarily all run on green/renewable energy. Google “certifies” that GCP is carbon neutral. This doesn’t guarantee 100% renewable energy.

For example, the us-central1 region in Iowa *consumes* locally generated power from the grid, generated using using grid power plants. Google has built a wind farm to offset its consumption that feeds power back to the grid. That’s nice. In my view it’s an offset though since they are still using power generated using whatever fuels the local power generators are using in the first instance.

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Thanks for clarifying @mrichter. It is a start in the right direction at least.