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Introducing Bare Metal Solution for SAP workloads

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For Really Big SAP workloads -- Announcing Google Cloud Bare Metal Solution for SAP. #brilliantbaremetal

When customers run SAP workloads on Google Cloud, we know that scalability is a major concern. It's why SAP on Google Cloud offers some of the industry's most powerful SAP-certified infrastructure options: single-node 6TB and 12TB VMs optimized for S/4HANA OLTP workloads.

Some of our customers, however, run on-premises SAP environments that are far bigger than the biggest and most robust VMs. As you might expect, running SAP workloads at such massive scale can be an expensive, complex, and generally burdensome undertaking. But customers can see major operational benefits like greater scalability and lower cost of ownership if they move these mega-scale SAP workloads to a cloud environment. Performance is critical as well. See below for details on our record setting bare metal performance benchmark for SAP. 

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