Introducing Dickson Victor and Seiji Manoan Infrastructure moderators | C2C Community

Introducing Dickson Victor and Seiji Manoan Infrastructure moderators

Introducing Dickson Victor and Seiji Manoan Infrastructure moderators
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Let us introduce you to our Infrastructure Moderators:


Dickson Victor

Username:     vick



I am a passionate learner and a tech enthusiast. I love impacting and contributing to the knowledge of others. I feel a lot of fulfilment when I am able to help another person solve a challenge or fix a problem. After coming from a non-tech background and successfully pivoting into tech, I have learned to be empathetic and understand the pain-points of new learners or entrants trying to break into a tech career.

Company: NVIT- New Vision Institute of Technology 

Job Title: DevOps Engineer 


Seiji Manoan Seo

Username:      seijimanoan



My name is Seiji. I’m a 30-year-old dad of two based in Brazil. I have a BS in Management and an MBA in Cloud Computing. I have worked in IT for over ten years. I began with web development and simple automation scripts, and then went on to full-stack development, mobile, and infrastructure. In the past 3 years, I've had experience working for an investment broker, a logtech company, and a fintech company. Yes, I'm in love with GCP.

Company: Hash

Job Title: Site Reliability Engineer

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@ilias , Thanks for the introduction. I'm happy to be part of, and volunteer with the @C2C Community Team

Thanks for having me💟💟💟

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It’s a pleasure to work with you @Vick 

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A huge “welcome!” to both of you, @Vick  and @seijimanoan! 😎

It’s really great to have you with us! 

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What a great moment 😁 Count me in 👍

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No worries @seijimanoan. I’m counting you, too 😉